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27 Jul 2016 -
Congratulations to Ritus, our newest tutor!
Congratulations to Ritus, our newest tutor!
27 Jul 2016 -
Added Rebirth Count to highscores page.
Added Rebirth Count to highscores page.
22 Jul 2016 -
The server has stability problems today. As a result, we...
The server has stability problems today. As a result, we have given 30 days of VIP to all players, have a double experience booster in depot and will be returning any lost items, skills or levels.
19 Jul 2016 -
You can now report AFK players in events by typing: /report...
You can now report AFK players in events by typing: /report playerName - If they get enough reports they'll be automatically checked and banned.
13 Jul 2016 -
Dice have been restricted to level 150+ players because of...
Dice have been restricted to level 150+ players because of recent scam reports involving casinos.
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 100773 • Accounts: 88781 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

Most powerful guilds on NoxiousOT 8.60

The Purge

7155 Frags


5999 Frags


5924 Frags

Matts Minions

2540 Frags


2112 Frags


1348 Frags
Jul 1 2016 -
NoxiousOT July Monthly Contest
!! WIN 54,000 POINTS !! • July Contest
We will be holding another contest in NoxiousOT for the month of July with a total of 54,000 premium points to give away. Our first contest ran from May 20 to June 30 and had a total of 21947 entries. We want to thank everybody for participating. If you didn't win then you'll have another chance this month. Good luck to everybody that enters!

June Contest Winners
Rhasta - $50 USD
Maneyboy - $50 USD
Arcangel Pa - $50 USD
Levis Noah - $50 USD
Jorah - $50 USD

The winners will be allowed to pick PayPal balance, Steam Wallet or Premium Points. The winners must email from their accounts registered email address and include your account name, character name and how you'd like to receive your prize.

Proof: Video picking the winners


How do I enter the July contest?
You will gain a NoxiousOT contest token every time you win an event. You can either use this token and enter the contest or sell it on the market. At the end of every month we will draw the winners and contact them through their registered email address. Any abuse of events will lead to being banned from this contest forever.

July Contest - What are the prizes?
We will draw 15 random lucky winners on July 31, 2016 and each person will win 3600 Premium Points. We are giving away a larger prize then last month but will be spreading the reward out so that more players have a chance to win. You will not be allowed to win more then one prize.
Jun 13 2016 -
Guild Tournament - Brackets & Schedule
The NoxiousOT Guild War Tournament has started! The following guilds have registered: Third Place, Rage, Crowd Pleasers, Hail Mary, Maintain, No Fear, No Tears and Brothahood. We wish everybody the best of luck on winning the grand prize of $500 USD!

Tournament Brackets
You can view the live tournament brackets on our challonge page. This page will always be up to date and will show you who you're fighting next.

Round 1 - War Schedule
Third Place vs No Fear - June 15, 7 PM EST.
Crowd Pleasers vs Hail Mary - June 15, 8 PM EST.
Rage vs No Tears - June 15, 9 PM EST.
Brothahood vs Maintain - June 15, 10 PM EST.

We will post the up to date schedules for wars in this thread.


Tournament Rules
Player Limit: 14 Members + Leader.
AOE Damage Reduction: 10%
Frag Limit: Wars will take place in 2 cities with 50 frag limits. Wars will be played up to 100 frags in total.
Balance Mode: Disabled. The majority of guilds did not vote for it.
Tournament Server: Your war must take place on the tournament server.
No Shows: If you don't show up within 20 minutes of your scheduled fight then you will forfeit the war. If you don't have 15 players then you must play with as many members as you can get.
Interference: Any anti-competitive behavior with the intention of disrupting the tournament, guild wars or the server may result in being your guild being disqualified.
Guild Battle: You must war inside of a Guild Battle arena unless both guilds agree they don't want to use it.
War Location: Each guild will pick 1 location they want to fight in. You can only use areas that are regularly used for war.
Vocation Limits: Maximum of 5 Paladins and 3 Knights.

If both guilds agree you will be allowed to change the AOE Damage reduction amount. The minimum player count will be 15 vs 15. If both guilds agree to have more players then you will be allowed to change it. The smallest guild has the final decision on player count.

Tournament Prizes
1st Place: $500 USD
2nd Place: $250 USD
3rd Place: 12000 Points


Tournament Server
The tournament will take place on a server called the NoxiousOT Tournament Server. This secondary server will have an exact copy of all of your characters, skills and items but will be separate from the regular noxious server. Your guild will be locked and you can't invite any new members to it. You will not be able to gain experience from monsters, train skills or create new items. This private server is locked and only guilds registered in the tournament can login. All wars must take place in the tournament server.

Ip Address: tournament.noxiousot.comPort: 7171

If you're using the custom client you'll need to download an IP Changer from the downloads section of our website to connect to the tournament server.
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