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27 Jul 2016 -
Congratulations to Ritus, our newest tutor!
Congratulations to Ritus, our newest tutor!
27 Jul 2016 -
Added Rebirth Count to highscores page.
Added Rebirth Count to highscores page.
22 Jul 2016 -
The server has stability problems today. As a result, we...
The server has stability problems today. As a result, we have given 30 days of VIP to all players, have a double experience booster in depot and will be returning any lost items, skills or levels.
19 Jul 2016 -
You can now report AFK players in events by typing: /report...
You can now report AFK players in events by typing: /report playerName - If they get enough reports they'll be automatically checked and banned.
13 Jul 2016 -
Dice have been restricted to level 150+ players because of...
Dice have been restricted to level 150+ players because of recent scam reports involving casinos.
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 105321 • Accounts: 91541 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

Most powerful guilds on NoxiousOT 8.60


9260 Frags

Legendary Clams

8690 Frags


6448 Frags

Power House

2909 Frags

Old Style

2614 Frags

Semper Fidelis

1837 Frags
Oct 3 2016 -
NoxiousOT October Monthly Contest
!! WIN 36,000 POINTS !! • October Contest
We will be holding another contest in NoxiousOT for the month of October with a total of 36,000 premium points to give away. The September contest had 3882 entries. We gave away $300 worth of Premium Points and will continue to do it monthly. We want to thank everybody for participating. If you didn't win then you'll have another chance this month. Good luck to everybody that enters!

September Contest Winners
Each player will receive 3600 premium points.
Ulrichpkk, Hawk Gang, Asarth, Swag Stew, Mathuza, Red Bolts, Deus Criaeu Mato, Diablo Varan, Rakkaus, Schwabbeldi Schwabbel

If you won this contest you will receive the Premium Points on your account automatically.


How do I enter the October contest?
You will gain a NoxiousOT contest token every time you win an event. You can either use this token and enter the contest or sell it on the market. At the end of every month we will draw the winners and announce them on our website. Any abuse of events will lead to being banned from this contest forever.

October Contest - What are the prizes?
We will draw 10 random lucky winners on October 31, 2016 and each person will win 3600 Premium Points. You will not be allowed to win more then one prize. Good luck to everybody that enters!
Sep 5 2016 -
Stamina & Death Loss Changes
Stamina & Death Loss Changes
We recently ran a poll in-game asking players what they thought about how much experience you lost when dying. The majority of players said they that thought you lost too much experience when dying at high levels. We will be testing a few changes which are listed below.


Death Loss: You will lose less experience overall when dying. This mostly affects higher levels with low experience stages.
Stamina Gain: When you die you will recover a small amount of stamina. The amount of stamina you gain back is based on your level. This will help players gain some of the experience back that they lost. You won't get any stamina above 40 hours when dying.
PVP Bonus: You will gain 1-5 minutes of stamina for killing somebody higher level then you if 3 unique players participate in the frag. You can't gain above 40 hours of stamina. This rewards players active in wars or PKing to gain some of the experience lost from dying.
Experience Gain: We have reworked the amount of experience gained from PVP. You will gain significantly more experience for killing low level players. This will encourage high level players to fight more often.
Greedy Goblin: The price of the Stamina Scroll has been significantly reduced to 160 Noxious Tokens. This bring it closer to the market price and make it more accessible to everybody.

We will also be testing a few server stability changes. If you notice anything odd happening please report it! All of these modifications to death loss are not final and we appreciate any additional feedback.
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