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28 May 2016 -
When you use a monster egg to spawn a boss you'll now ...
When you use a monster egg to spawn a boss you'll now always to be able to open the corpse. Other players will still be able to interfere to gain experience.
28 May 2016 -
You will now get 2 weeks of VIP for free when rebirthing....
You will now get 2 weeks of VIP for free when rebirthing. There are new items added to the rebirth shop.
25 May 2016 -
After doing multiple polls in-game, the daily frag limit...
After doing multiple polls in-game, the daily frag limit has been increased to 25. Players above level 150 will lose slightly more experience when dying. We will be gathering feedback on these changes.
20 May 2016 -
The server is now live! You can recover your points using...
The server is now live! You can recover your points using the Premium Point retrieval system.
20 May 2016 -
The server will open in 30 minutes.
The server will open in 30 minutes.
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 93880 • Accounts: 84746 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

Most powerful guilds on NoxiousOT 8.60

Third Place

1436 Frags


1226 Frags


729 Frags


534 Frags


376 Frags

Final Boss

285 Frags
May 18 2016 -
NoxiousOT Server Reset & Update
Major Update & Reset - May 20, 5 PM EST
After over one and a half years of this current era, we have decided that we need to change the direction of the server. We have had countless requests for a reset and several discussions on our forums about what players want implemented. Our goal is to never reset unless it is completely necessary. We will not reset without making major changes to the server so that these problems don't happen again. This update will address problems with magical items, private spawn, experience rates, guild battles and quite a few extra features, such as a new custom zone with quests, new items and improvements to everything else. If you were hesitant about a reset or starting over, you'll have a lot more fun this era.

You can recover your donations using the Premium Point Retrieval system.

What will happen with the reset?
• All levels, houses, skills and items will be removed.
• 100% of your Premium Points will be returned to you, please see the first post of this topic for more information.
• Your account and characters wont be deleted but will become level 8 with starting skills and equipment.
• The server will be improved and you can enjoy a fun and stable sever for years to come.
• The server will go offline at May 20, 5 AM EST to implement the updates.

You can use a Timezone Converter to see when the server is resetting in your time zone.


New Content & Quests
We are introducing our newest zone named Twoson. This is one of our biggest zones yet and is filled with large spawns, custom monsters and quests. Are you ready to defeat the Crypt Keeper?



!! WIN $1000 !! • Server Contests
We want to support our loyal players for playing on NoxiousOT. We will be introducing a monthly contest and a Guild Tournament which will reward REAL MONEY to the winners! There will be a $750 prize pool for the tournament, please see the Guild Tournament section for more information. These contests are completely free to enter and anybody can win it.

Monthly Contest - How does it work?
You will gain a NoxiousOT contest token every time you win an event. You can either use this token and enter the contest or sell it on the market. At the end of every month we will draw the winners and contact them through their registered email address. Any abuse of events will lead to being banned from this contest forever.

Monthly Contest - What are the prizes?
We will draw 5 random lucky winners on June 30, 2016 and each person will win $50 USD. You can pick if you want PayPal, Amazon Giftcard or Steam Wallet. If you live in a country that doesn't support these payment types or you don't want them then you can choose to receive $50 in Premium Points instead.

Note: The $250 USD prize is only for the first month. The following months may have increased or reduced prizes. We may reward NoxiousOT Contest Tokens through other methods after this months event. Depending on how well it goes the first month we will announce what we want to do.


Capture The Flag Changes
Capture The Flag has been significantly changed. In the past this event would occasionally take over 30 minutes to complete when it was full. We are making changes to this event to make it more fast paced.
• There is now a time limit of 15 minutes.
• Better multi-client detection and scoreboard on the website.
• The return timer for dropped flags has been increased from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
• You will now gain score for fragging players but flag captures will give a lot more. This will help determine tie games if the time limit is reached.

Other Changes
• The stairs in TDM have been removed. After you leave your spawn you won't be able to stairhop back into safety.
• You can now chat with your team by typing '/team message here'. This will broadcast a message to players on your team and will help everybody work together towards the goal.


$750 Prize • Guild Tournament
NoxiousOT is announcing our first Guild Tournament with real money prizes! The tournament sign ups will start 2 weeks after the server resets and will be run with a double elimination style bracket. You will be required to fight using our Guild Battle system to avoid interruptions. We will gather feedback from guild leaders on rules such as player limits, frag limits and Guild Battles settings over the next 2 weeks while everybody has a chance to level up.

Tournament Prizes
1st Place: $500 USD
2nd Place: $250 USD
3rd Place: 12000 Points

Are you ready to prove to everybody that your guild is the best? We hope this will kick off the competition and get things started on NoxiousOT!

Note: The prizes will be divided equally among the players that participated in the wars by our staff. The staff reserve the right to delay or cancel the tournament due to insufficient sign ups or technical problems. Any team caught breaking rules, such as DDoSing other players, using multi-clients or unauthorized player switching may be disqualified. We want a fair and honest fight with everybody involved. If this tournament is successful then we will consider running more tournaments in the future.


Monster Eggs & Private Spawn Removed
A big complaint that we've received is that the Private Spawn system sucks. It encouraged players to AFK bot in a safe area and gain loot and experience faster then other players could. Private Spawn has been removed! We are introducing a new feature to replace it called the Monster Egg system.


The Monster Egg system allow ANY monster to drop eggs based on the monsters difficulty which can be used to spawn bosses for free. The more difficult the monster you defeat, the rarer egg that you can find. You must have at least 38 hours of stamina to find monster eggs. After you find an egg you can take it to the Monster Arena in Thais Depot and use it. The Arenas inside are shared by everybody and are PVP zones. You will be at risk of being killed by other players while fighting bosses and other people can join in and steal your boss. After spawning a boss you will be PZ locked inside of the arena. These new bosses will have random difficulty levels which can increase the loot, damage and health. They will be the main source for items like nidalee's spear, the epiphany and rare decoration.

We believe that this will add fun, high risk boss fights for everybody on the server. The days of having 5 multi-clients in Private Spawn farming loot are over. We hope to see guilds come together, pool their monster eggs and defend the arena while obtaining some awesome loot!



Experience Rates
A big complaint that we have had was how easy it was to gain experience. It was common to see level 350's and the highest level was Dreanor, level 500. We will reduce the overall experience rates and will also make other methods of gaining experience less effective.

• The experience stages at level 200+ have been reduced.
• The Task Master now gives significantly less experience for completing tasks. The gold reward has been buffed.
• The price of Experience Boosts from the Greedy Goblin and the Task Shop have been increased. This will discourage the use of chaining experience boosts.
• The price of Stamina Scrolls from the Greedy Goblin have been slightly increased.
• You will now gain 25% bonus experience while hunting in a party. This will encourage team hunting.



Rebirth System
We are introducing a Rebirth System to NoxiousOT to give players more things to do after reaching a high level. We don't want players to become more powerful with rebirth or make players feel like they are forced to rebirth to compete with each other. Similar to Call of Duty, rebirthing is optional but has benefits.

If you rebirth you will be reset back to level 8 but will keep your skills. If anybody looks at you in-game they will see how many times you have rebirthed. We will have rebirth leader-boards and ways to compete with each other.

Rebirth Benefits
• You will gain Rebirth Credits which can be spent at the Rebirth Shop. You can purchase things like experience/skill rate boosts, skull removers and more.
• You will have 25% increased chance to find monster eggs for each time you rebirth.
• You will permanently gain 50% Magic Find for each time you rebirth.
• In the future, rebirths might be required to access new custom quests or zones.



New Items & Changes
A big complaint that we've gotten is that players don't feel like our magical system gives good items often enough. Originally, this was by design in order to prevent the flood of good items which would decrease the value. We will be making a few changes which will allow better items to be created.

Magic Item Changes
• You will now see name of dropped magical items in your default channel.
• You are less likely to get ARMOR on knight/paladin equipment. You are less likely to get MANA on druid/sorcerer equipment.
• You are less likely to get DEFENSE or SKILLS on knight weapons.
• You are less likely to get DISTANCE enchants on paladin weapons. You can't get MANA anymore.
• You can't get DEFENSE on druid/sorcerer spellbooks or shields that every vocation can wield.
• You can't get MANA on druid/sorcerer wands.
• Distance and Skills attributes have a chance to be slightly higher now.
• All vocations will have double their current item bonus speed limit. You used to be speed capped by wearing a time ring and boots of haste which made the stat worthless.

Other Item Changes
• Reduced the cost of cursed magic find amulet.
• Increased the price of weapons at the Greedy Goblin NPC.
• Increased the price of Experience Boosts at the Greedy Goblin NPC.
• Increased the price of Stamina Scroll from 225 tokens to 275 tokens at the Greedy Goblin NPC.
• Prices at the Task Master have been adjusted. The cost of all decoration items is lower. The cost for weapons is slightly higher.

New Items
• Added a new Skull Remover item. This will remove your skull and reset your daily, weekly and monthly frags. It can only be obtained by spending rebirth points.
• Added 2 new leg armors to the Greedy Goblin. They will cost 125 tokens and can be enchanted.
• There are new decoration items obtainable from custom quests.

9969.gif 3983.gif 2469.gif 10309.gif


Other Server Changes
• The raid system has been rewritten so that raid times are no longer predictable. There are new raids such as Ghazbaran and Necropharus which now drop better loot.
• You will now gain stamina inside of trainers. You will gain stamina 25% slower then being logged out and can't gain above 40 hours of stamina.
• The highest level for each vocation will get their own dedicated statue inside of the Noxious Casino.
• You can now see a players frag count by looking at them.
• The Guild Battle option 'Event Mode' has been removed.
• The Private Spawn system has been removed from the server. It has been replaced with the Monster Egg system instead.
• Over 40+ custom monsters have had their loot, experience and damage adjusted.
• If somebody is trashing your depot box you will be able to see who is doing it.
• You can now see your total play time and play time for your current level by typing: /played
• You will now get small rewards as you level up including a new weapon and shield. New players will get tips about various server features to help players understand our custom features.



Quick Server Info
• We had over 50,000+ completed Slayer tasks and 15,000+ completed Shaman tasks.
• Over 14,000+ experience boosts and 9000+ skill rate boosts used.
• Over 19,000+ Noxious Tokens, 2,600+ Gold Nuggets, 2 years of VIP, hundreds of enchanted items and a lot more given away through our lottery system.
• Over 1150+ wars declared using the Guild Battle system.
• Over 39,000+ items purchased with Noxious Tokens at the Greedy Goblin including scratch tickets.
• 2,700,000+ Noxious Tokens gained through over 10000+ events! This doesn't include non team based events.
• Over 650+ Orb of Enchantments gained for free by salvaging magical items.
• Over 11,500+ Addons purchased.
• Over 23,000+ fights at Trap Game, 300,000+ hands of Black Jack dealt and 470,000+ spins of Wheel of Fortune.

If you have any concerns or final suggestions about what you want to see changed, please post them in this thread.

We want to thank everybody for being active and supporting the server. We will be giving away $1000 USD in prizes and 12000 Premium Points! We hope that you will like our changes and will invite your friends to start on May 20, 2016 at 5 PM EST.
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