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16 Nov 2015 -
We have changed to a different host. All accounts have...
We have changed to a different host. All accounts have received 7 days of VIP as compensation for downtime.
11 Nov 2015 -
Congratulations to Eternal Warrior for becoming a tutor!
Congratulations to Eternal Warrior for becoming a tutor!
2 Nov 2015 -
Our host suffered a major outage which caused a few hours...
Our host suffered a major outage which caused a few hours of downtime. Everything should be back to normal now, very sorry for the inconvenience. We will extend the halloween event longer.
25 Oct 2015 -
Added a new lottery system. Instead of getting useless...
Added a new lottery system. Instead of getting useless rewards, the lottery system will generate randomly enchanted items, give tokens, gold nuggets and many other useful items.
25 Oct 2015 -
VIP Mana shop has been moved to the second floor to allow...
VIP Mana shop has been moved to the second floor to allow safer training. Fixed a few bugs, including one that could cause you to die in events.
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 81312 • Accounts: 77683 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

Most powerful guilds on NoxiousOT 8.60

Memento Mori

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Shits N Giggles

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Instinct RBRN

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Oct 31 2015 -
Halloween Event, updates and more.
NoxiousOT Halloween Event
We will be having a couple events in NoxiousOT for this halloween. There will be raids, bosses, experience boosts, free outfits and more! We will be having a content patch with new spawns and quests shortly after as well.

First off, every account created before the Halloween Event will receive 7 days of VIP for free. You will have increased experience or skill rate, magic find and access to new areas and quests.

Devovorga - Halloween Boss
The powerful creature named Devovorga is haunting NoxiousOT! This is not just a regular Tibia boss and will involve being aware of your surroundings to avoid damage. This boss will hatch nearby mutant eggs to spawn creatures, summon bats, charge up a powerful explosion attack and lots more. This boss is immune to damage and reflects it back so you must attack its weak point, the tentacles! Every time you kill a tentacle you'll inflict damage to Devovorga. Everybody in the boss arena will gain 1 Tentacle Piece (10 per fight) which can be used to buy skill rate boosts or enter the Halloween Lottery. After Devovorga is slain, everybody will gain 50% increased experience for 2 hours. The boss will be spawning every few hours.

We will be introducing new NPCs for this event. You can spend Tentacle Pieces obtained from Devovorga Tentacles to purchase experience or skill rate boosts. Optionally, you can exchange your Tentacle Pieces to Sabrina for 1 Noxious Token each.

[Rate Boosts] Death - You can exchange 10 Tentacle Pieces for an increased experience, skill, distance, shield or magic level rate. You will gain skills 50% faster for 4 hours or experience 50% faster for 2 hours. This feature has a 12 hour cooldown.

[Tentacle Exchange] Sabrina - You can exchange 1 Tentacle Piece to Sabrina for 1 Noxious Token.



Halloween Lottery
We will be holding a Halloween Lottery event where you will have a chance to win big prizes! To enter, you must buy a lottery ticket for 10 Tentacle Pieces. You can earn these for FREE by participating in killing Devovorga when it spawns in her lair. You can buy as many tickets as you want.

The winners of this contest have been drawn.
Congratulations to the winners! To claim your 1800 premium point prize, send a parcel to GOD Deviance in Thais with your winning lottery ticket inside it.

Ticket #55 - Lord Horrocrux
Ticket #138 - Merk
Ticket #84 - Crinaz
Ticket #318 - Manifestus
Ticket #61 - Zazoof


New Lottery System
We have been testing our new lottery system over the past few days and it has been a success. The old lottery system used to give out prizes that have no value and players training often came back to find a random item they didn't want in their inventory. We've revamped the way the lottery system works.

The lottery system will now give Noxious Tokens, Gold Nuggets, Token Shop items or randomly enchanted equipment. You can win things like private spawn access, VIP scrolls, legendary equipment and a lot more. There is now a small entry fee of 5 Noxious Tokens to enter the lottery. This limits the amount of participants to a lot less and gives you a better chance to win. We will be tweaking prizes and improving it over time.


Raid Changes
We often see bosses like Orshabaal and Morgaroth completely ignored due to them not giving you anything of value. We are changing a few bosses around so they are worth killing when a raid happens.

NEW ITEM: A new item has been added called Book of the Task Master. When using this item, you will gain 25 Store Credit at the Task Master. This item will drop from most raid bosses.
NEW ITEM: A new item has been added called Token of Forgetfulness. When using this item, Slayer the Task Master will forget who you are. Your task cooldown will be instantly reset. This item will drop from most raid bosses.
LOOT: All bosses now drop magical dust. You can exchange 100 magical dust for an Orb of Enchantment. Harder bosses will drop more dust.
LOOT: Ferumbras, Orshabaal and Morgaroth will drop a magical box.
DIFFICULTY: Most bosses have more health, deal more damage and give significantly more experience.

The following bosses are effected: Ferumbras, Demodras, The Horned Fox, Old Widow, Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Zulazza the Corruptor, Sir Valorcrest, Zevelon Duskbringer, Diblis The Fair and Arachir the Ancient One.



Other Changes
• You can use the !stats command to see your equipment bonus and information about your player skills. This has been requested a lot and has finally been possible.
• We have moved to a new host. Recently we have had a few days with repeated kicks. The host change has worked out well so far and players from Europe should see slightly less ping.
• The VIP Mana shop has moved to the second floor. This provides a safer way to train magic level if players push you around.
• The creature outfit lever in Thais Casino is free for a limited time.


Future Content
We will be releasing a new multi-part quest line which will open up a few new major spawns for players to hunt. You will unlock a new spawn each part of the quest that you complete which will lead to a powerful end boss. This will be an extension to the Onett island located below Thais Depot. We expect to release this soon, stay tuned for more details!




Jul 22 2015 -
Facebook Premium Point Giveaway Contest

In celebration of NoxiousOT's 100th Like on Facebook, we will be giving away a total of 3,000 premium points to ten randomly selected Facebook users that have liked our page.


Free stuff!? How do I enter?
It's simple! All you have to do is login to your Facebook account, follow the link posted below, and then "Like" our Facebook page and you are automatically entered to win! You can find the page on the right side of our website or by clicking the link below.

NoxiousOT Facebook

How will the winners be selected and how will I know if I won?
The list of names that have liked our page will be placed into a program to randomly pick 10 winners. The winners will then be announced on the Facebook page. We will message the winners through Facebook to claim their prize. If we don't get a response, we will select another person at random.

We will be drawing the winners on July 30, 2015.

Why you should follow us?
We will be using Facebook to post news, pictures, videos and other fun server related things! We will be accepting submissions from players for screenshots/videos that we'll share with the community. We hope that by liking our page, we can help promote the server to keep it growing. We will be doing giveaways through our Facebook page, don't miss out on your chance to win some free stuff!

Good luck!
May 1 2015 -
Server Update - May 01, 2015
Server Update - May 01

Bomberman - New Casino Game
We have added Bomberman to the Noxious Casino! You can play this classic game with up to four other players. Hotkey 'z' to your keyboard and start dropping bombs and collecting power-ups! Do you have what it takes to win?

We will be fixing bugs and taking feedback about this game. If there is enough interest, it may eventually become an event that rewards tokens similar to Capture The Flag. We are looking to add in multiple arenas as well to reduce wait times.


Map/Quest Changes
• You can now complete Runewar the Sage's quest in Onett. You will be rewarded with a unique item and experience.
• You can now complete the Captain Deathbone quest in Onett. You will be rewarded with a unique item and experience.
• Fixed a protection zone issue near the WOTE portals. (Thanks Captain Brunox)
• There is a new monster spawn that becomes accessible during the Runewar the Sage quest line.
• There is now an Onett depot box inside of the Noxious Casino
• Fixed a lot of minor visual bugs.
• There is now a 'Non-English Chat' channel for players that don't speak English. We hope this can be useful for players to find others they can easily communicate with to create parties, guilds or talk.


We are still working on more things, stay tuned for future updates!
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